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*she just doesn’t understand the question and, after getting her guitar, she starts playing it. And, no, she’s not really good: she’s always been more the ‘Social’ and ‘Smart’ kind of bard than a musical one. Also, unlike Lyra, she has to pluck every single string with magic.*


ooc: Oh? Oh! Well, I never really thought about giving her a soundtrack but.. maybe in my ming this song fits? Oh, well… Sooner or later I’ll make a real cd, I’ll become famous, it’ll sell all around the world and I’ll be the richest woman on the planet- roar! And, yes, this’ll be the future cover. It’ll just look a little better, maybe. Oh, well…

Persona 2 Innocent Sin OST - Ginko Theme

Also, I finally decided which model of tablet I’ll buy, hopefully a good Bomboo’ll not keep lagging like the one I own. Soonthe quality will improve. A little, at least.

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